Rocky Raczkowski Announces Campaign for Congress

Rocky Raczkowski Announces Campaign for Congress

Troy, MI – Today retired Army Lt. Col. Andrew “Rocky” Raczkowski announced that he will enter the race for the Republican nomination in Michigan’s 11th Congressional District. Raczkowski served 26 years in the United States Army, is a small business owner in the Manufacturing and Defense Logistics industry, and is the former Majority Leader in the Michigan House of Representatives. He issued the following statement when announcing his campaign:

I was trained as a US Army Infantry officer and during our training we were taught to live the Infantry motto – ‘Follow Me.’ Whether it has been serving the cause of freedom in combat during the Global War on Terror, building a business that creates jobs and opportunity for our fellow citizens, or serving the community as their voice in public office, my life has always been about service. I have always believed I had a duty to provide the leadership needed to defeat the enemy in combat, provide opportunity in business, or strengthen our community.

Congressman Trott has been a great voice and great leader for our community, a true citizen representative. His retirement requires another leader to step forward to be the voice of our community in the United States House of Representatives, and I am entering the race to be that leader.”

To those who want a stronger and more secure America I say follow me. To those who seek a conservative approach to building a stronger and growing economy I say follow me. To those who want to limit the size and scope of government while enhancing individual freedom and liberty I say follow me. I know that Americans working together can achieve anything, I have seen it in combat and in private business. I am ready to get to get to work and I look forward to sharing my vision with the voters during the coming campaign.”

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