About Rocky Raczkowski


As the son of legal Immigrants that survived the atrocities of Nazi labor camps, Rocky Raczkowski was taught the importance of love for this countryhard work, service and respect for others. Rocky and his wife, Amalia, (formerly Amalia Kaddo of Grosse Pointe, Michigan) were married on April 10, 2010, and were blessed with a daughter, Sofia Christina, in 2014.  Their home is in Troy, Michigan. 

Military Service

In 1986, while still in high school, Rocky enlisted in the United States Army Reserve.  To his parent’s dismay, he volunteered for the infantry. He continued his education at Eastern Michigan University and upon graduation, was commissioned an officer in The United States Army.  At Fort Benning, GA, he entered the Infantry Officer Basic Course, and was activated to serve during Operation Desert Shield. 

Throughout his 26-year military career, Rocky served with honor and distinction rising from Private to retiring in 2014 as a Lt. Colonel.  In 2003, he served overseas in the Global War on Terror as an U.S. Army B-Team Leader in a Civil Affairs Special, Operations-Airborne unit.  While serving in the Horn of Africa (Somalia region), Rocky was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for meritorious service during combat operations. Lt. Colonel Raczkowski was called for overseas activation during Operation Enduring Freedom again in 2008 to 2009. 

Job Creator

Following Rocky’s activation in Operation Desert Storm, he returned to Michigan and opened a printing, marketing and advertising company.  Building on his reputation as a successful turn-around executive, he led a national entertainment company from near bankruptcy to a profitable success. 

Currently, Rocky serves as the president of Imperium Logistics LLC, an automotive and defense logistics company formed by Rocky in 2012.  Rocky has grown the firm from a startup to over $29 million in annual gross sales and now leads a team of over 80 professionals, laborers and contractors. 

Public Service

In 1996, Rocky was elected to serve his community in the Michigan House of Representatives, ousting an incumbent Republican in the process.  Recognizing his leadership qualities, in 1998 his colleagues elected him Majority Leader, thus making him the youngest in any state legislative chamber in history.  After serving three terms, Rocky was re-activated by the U.S. Army and he, once again, was engaged in the Global War on Terrorism. 

Rocky is very involved in charitable organizations and serves on the Board of Directors for ALS Michigan. He was formerly on the Board of Directors of the Michigan Chapter of the Red Cross. 

Rocky is a frequent guest commentator on political and national security issues on radio and television, most notably on “Let it Rip” on Fox 2 Detroit. 


Rocky Raczkowski holds a BA in Political Science and Psychology from Eastern Michigan University, and completed a Masters in Administration from Central Michigan University and a Juris Doctorate from Michigan State University College of Law. 

Rocky also has a keen interest in foreign languages and speaks three fluently.